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Serpentix Conveyor Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of continuous path conveyors. Since our founding in 1969, we have undergone almost constant expansion as a result of customer demand for our products, three-dimensional continuous path™ conveyors.

Operating over a continuous, three-dimensional path, Serpentix easily out performs – at less cost – conventional conveyors which can only operate along a straight line.

The ability to incline steeply and to make continuous horizontal, vertical and helical curves, permits a single Serpentix conveyor to replace multiple conventional conveying devices, eliminating troublesome transfer points and reducing energy, space and maintenance costs.

The unique capabilities of the Serpentix belt and other design features of the various models offered, permit a single Serpentix conveyor to perform the work of multiple conventional conveying devices.

Many older, space-cramped plants have utilized Serpentix conveyors to modernize existing facilities without increasing plant size. In addition, the wide range of Serpentix capabilities, applied to new plant construction, has provided lower construction and operating costs, reduced installation costs, and safer and cleaner plants.

The common denominator to any of our operations and the key to the way we work, however, is our people. Our employees and their dedication to their work, combined with the company’s continuous search for new products, are your assurance that customer needs always come first at Serpentix.

We will not compromise on delivering high quality, reliable, and safe material handling solutions, even at the risk of losing a sale. We can provide you with a .dwg, .dxf, or a .pdf conveyor layout drawing.

 A Single Serpentix Conveyor Can Perform The Work Of Multiple Conventional Conveying Devices.

Conveyor Benefits

We offer different solutions to help meet your needs.

Less Energy

Lower power requirements and simplified maintenance.

Positive Tracking

Serpentix’s belting can not drift out of alignment.

Serpentix 's belting is modular

If a section is torn, it is simply replaced using common wrenches. There are no alligator or vulcanized splices on a Serpentix belt- as there are on ordinary conveyors

Cost Savings

One Serpentix conveyor frequently replaces several screws or conventional flat belts


conveyor brochure

conveyor brochure

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