Pathwinder P2

Pathwinder conveying systems solve difficult bulk handling problems encountered in municipal and industrial applications. Unique design parameters allow the conveyor to follow horizontal, vertical, and helical paths. These diverse path capabilities provide an alternative when adapting a conveyor to an existing facility where interfacing with more permanently positioned equipment is required.

One Serpentix Pathwinder conveyor system, when applied to a bulk handling problem, will replace several conventional flat belts or screw conveyors.

The Pathwinder conveyor system has an exceptional advantage of having only two bearings on the drive and tension station, exemplifying minimal maintenance requirements. The tension station has two adjustable springs to maintain constant positive pressure on the main drive chain. 

The Pathwinder conveyor design is low maintenance, because we provide a scraper system to remove sticky material. The belt pan convolutions on the Pathwinder conveyor stretch out flat as they go around the drive or tension sprockets. A scraping device will be employed at this point to remove sticky material. 

A common application for the Serpentix Pathwinder is to elevate dewatered sludge from a belt filter press to a truck loading area.


Let us assist you with your conveyor design and save you time. We can provide you a .dwg, . dxf, or a .pdf conveyor layout drawing.

Why choose Serpentix Pathwinder® P2

  • Elevate material up 45° inclines
  • Can turn a 6-foot radius
  • Positive tracking chain driven conveying surface eliminates belt drift and slipping
  • Fewer transfer points
  • Lower power requirements
  • Can be enclosed for weather and odor control
  • Segmented belting allows straight forward replacement of damaged sections