Pathwinder P2 FlexEnd

The Serpentix Pathwinder FlexEnd option enables the Pathwinder conveyor to distribute material over a twelve-foot arc. Controlled with a pneumatic cylinder, a control valve, and a manual control stick, the Flextrack makes it possible to evenly deposit material over a given area. No longer will plant personnel inch a track forward to completely load a trailer. 

FelxEnd Rotates More to One Side than the Other: The Cylinder clamp assembly can be moved on the Pivot Frame Extension to allow equal rotation on both the right and left sides. If the conveyor rotates too far to the left, move clamp assembly away from the center towards the outside edge, of the Pivot Frame Extension. If the conveyor rotates too far to the right, move clamp assembly towards the center. 

Why choose Serpentix Pathwinder® P2 FlexEnd

  • Evenly load a track
  • Load multiple bins
  • Create even piles of material
  • Fewer transfer points
  • Lower power requirements
  • Bypass a process, such as a lime mixer