Model H

The Model H is the heaviest duty Serpentix designed to convey up to 400 tons per hour at maximum speeds on slightly more than 100 feet per minute over distances up to 500 feet. Belt widths for Model H are 20″, 26″, and 32″.

Positive guidance and tracking for the belt are provided by roller carriages attached to and pulled through a channel track by a steel link chain. The belt is attached to and supported by the carriages and intermediate belt chain attachments. The chain is driven by a sprocket located at the drive station, and tension is set by a screw adjusted spring in the tension station. 

The Serpentix Model H Conveyor is built to haul larger capacities of material over longer distances. The Serpentix Model H implements the usage of rollers to permit longer hauls at lower horsepower.

The Model H like the Pathwinder, still gives clients the ability to make turns in three dimensions, and work around complex job-sites. The Model H also uses the same belting system as the Pathwinder for easy repair and less maintenance.

Over the years Serpentix has designed and fabricated the Model H Conveyor. This conveyor design launched the company. For thirty years each component has been scrutinized and every opportunity has been taken to improve performance.

Why choose Serpentix Model H

  • Conveyor up to 100 tons/hour
  • Elevate material up to 45° inclines
  • Turn a 9-foot radius
  • Conveyor lengths up to 400-feet
  • Belt widths of 20″, 26″ or 32″
  • Transport of materials types from solids to near-liquid

Model H